I’m currently an hour into seeing the 9th Star Wars movie for the first time.

I watched the original 3 when I was young. Then I hadn’t seen any of the newer ones until a few months ago when my youngest son wanted Star Wars Legos.  I figured he should actually know where this cultural icon comes from.

We started watching them.  Slowly.

I watched an hour of the 9th one with my 7yr old last Saturday.  Then we had stuff to do (bikes to ride, soccer to play…)

I almost never get all the way through a movie in one sitting.  I have 5 kids.  3 teenagers. They always want something or we have something going on. Other things are more important than television.

I’m so glad it’s my kids and wife pulling me away and not work. 

If you’re considering hiring an Online Filipino Specialist, consider this:

1. You’re too busy to spend the time hiring someone right now.

2. Work will always be there.  It never ends. Projects never end. Opportunities never end.

3. If you ever “have the time” to hire that OFS you’ve been meaning to, email will be there to make sure to stop you.  Email is the great equalizer. It sucks everyones time equally. It endlessly requires responses. Endlessly pings you. Endlessly has a number in the red bubble on your phone.
Endlessly forces you to work IN your business rather than ON your business.

4. If email doesn’t, Farcebook will. It’s such a joke.

When I finally decided to take the leap and hire someone I had to get to the point where I said “This is madness!  I’ll never get ahead if I keep working like this.”

My life has never been the same.

Nows the time for you to do it.

Block off the next 30 minutes to get started.

Start here.

Then it will take you 2 hours over the next week.

Then you’ll be buying time…

May the force be with you.


PS. My wife has never watched a single Star Wars movie.  She’s too “cool” to watch such a nerdy movie.

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