Last week I posted about ABC news interviewing me for a story they’re doing about blogging and family websites.

Well, the story did air on ABC 4 news at 10pm on Tuesday May 31, 2005. Surprisinly I was a major part of the story. Mostly they were interested in warning people about the dangers of posting personal information online, half of which I didn’t agree with…but oh well. They warned consumers to not post their last name or their address online because that’s information you can’t get in the phone book or something…I don’t know.

Anyway, for anyone who’s interested, here are the videos:

Sorry to post .wmv files. I’m just not a video editing dude and windows movie maker was the easiest way to edit the movie and shrink them down. If someone can help me edit the 16 Mb avi I captured from the TV and turn it into an mpeg or something more suitable for the web and more globally viewable that would be great.

Yes, in the video you see me running Debian Linux with dual monitors. And yes, it’s firefox on gnome. The blog is running wordpress with Journalized Sand as the theme.