When we started looking for a merchant account / payment gateway for our first site that was going to process payments online, we spent weeks looking. It was horrendous. There are millions of people who want to provide you with a solution for this all of which are different, most of whom are crooks. None of them give any specific technical information. All they give is marketing information that sounds good to business men who don’t know what’s actually happening with the account.

Well, after finding all kinds of junk, and actually signing up with a junky provider, we finally found what we consider to be one of the best deals/packages on the internet for processing online payments. The package can be found at


We went with

Eonlinedata for our merchant account
JP Morgan Chase for our bank
Authorize.net for the payment gateway

While I’m not totally impressed with authorize.net, I haven’t had any problems with them. The others seem to be great. We have a 2.15% discount rate which is great. I don’t remember all the other details of it, but it’s like $25/month plus the discount rate (or something like that). It might even be just $25/month no matter what. I don’t remember.

Anyway, worth looking into. I figure anyone reading this blog is at some point going to want to process transactions online. Here’s a good place to start.