I have mercury poisoning.  

Tests came back that I was in the 99th percentile of mercury poisoning. Too much tuna. Silly mercury fillings.

No wonder I can’t remember anything.
No wonder I don’t concentrate well.
No wonder my body is freaking out.

I found out about 2 years ago and have made significant changes since.

No grains. 
No dairy.
No sugar.
Lots of avocados.
Chelation (to remove the mercury).

It’s crazy, but it’s what I have to do to make my brain work better.

What’s LDA you ask? 

“Low Dose Allergy” Immunotherapy.

Doctor says it should help my body to stop freaking out about things (food, chemicals, scents, pollens…) and help my brain to function well.  

I sure hope so because the special “LDA diet” is even crazier.  For 3 days I’m only allowed
– carrots
– cabbage
– celery
– potatoes
– sweet potatoes
– tapioca
– salt

That’s it.  
It’s hard.

But not as hard as hiring the wrong person.

Pro Tip from Marcela
“People who work in retail, work in retail. They don’t usually have skills with social media, image editing, managing social media campaigns and such. You’re asking for a skill set that’s more commonly found in office workers, and you can find a really great retail employee that doesn’t have that skill set.”

Don’t try to combine all the skills you want into one person.

Jack of all, master of none.