A couple of days ago I posted about the search war between google and microsoft. I’m posting again because of the amount of traffic I’m getting from msn search. Go ahead…have a look:

Search for car insurance on msn

Yeah…that’s right, my site is the #4 natural search results (1carinsurance.org).

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that MS really missed the boat on this one. That site has been live for less than a month. It has very few links to it. It has very little of relevancy to users. However, ms’s search puts it right up there. I’m ahead of geico, progressive, allstate, …

Not that i’m not going to enjoy the brief stay at the top, but, IF IT’S NOT BRIEF IT’S NOT GOING TO MATTER ANYWAY!!!

How long do you think a user is going to stick with a search engine that has results that are this poor (I’m not saying that my site is poor…but I just wouldn’t expect to see it at the top of the searches in less than a month…especially for SUCH a competitive search term).

Here’s another example:

MSN search for family history

This yields http://www.familylearn.com as the #1 result. Yeah, they deserve to be there and I think the site is really great (yeah, ok, I helped build it), but I wouldn’t expect to see it show up where it does.

Anyway, this is just me coming out and saying that MSN missed the boat with their new search (If this indeed is their “new” search that I’m using…lol)