7 years ago my son started selling dirt bikes. 

He imports them from china (I helped him initially) and sells them locally.

He doesn’t do a lot of sales.  It’s small.

But last year it wasn’t as small.  
Early this year it wasn’t as small.

But then he got distracted.  He thought writing a book was a great idea.  He was going to make so much from this other “thing”.

Everyone thinks their next idea is going to go HUGE!

Most are having a little success with something, but they have this “OTHER” idea which is way better and is going to make so much!

So they stop focusing on the current system and put all the fun time into the new system. 

It’s fun to create something new.
It’s fun to dream up solutions.
It’s fun to start a new project.
It’s fun to build something.
It’s fun to move on from something that’s working to something you think will be HUGE.

You know what’s not fun?

Writing the sales copy needed to sell the darn thing.
Finishing the project.
Pushing through when your dreamed up solution doesn’t work.
Sticking with something long-term.

And yet, what most people will find is that the longer they stick with something, the better they’ll get at it, and the more money they’ll make from it.  

It’s not easy.  
It’s not always fun.

But sticking with your current small thing is what builds a business.

Don’t give in to the bright shiny object.  
Don’t give in to the idea that your NEXT project is going to be huge.
Don’t give up on what’s currently working.

My son pushed through all kinds of issues this year with his dirt bikes because I made him.

He stuck with it. 

He’s on track to do over $100,000 this year. He’s 17.

Stick with what’s working.  
Find someone to give you good advice.
Good advice like the advice in my book:
The Outsourcing Lever

Which I’ll ship you free if you’ll just pay the shipping.