Sooooooo, basically I couldn’t be happier in life right now.

I’m 27 (as of yesterday), I work from home and have for the past year. I get to spend tons of time with my wife and son. We’re going to have another baby in about a month and a half. I don’t make a lot of money, but make enough for us to life. We own a couple of houses and I have lots of opportunities to buy others, or to invest in different businesses. The work I do from home is starting to do really well and will take off over the next few months. Austin is super fun and such a good kid. He’s very obedient, very well behaved.

Kim is also a dream for me. I couldn’t imagine a better wife right now. For my birthday she made me a book she called “Dad Defined”. In it she put one word per page and put a picture that shows me demonstrating that attribute. Like, she put ‘Super Fan’ and put a picture of my and Austin both wearing BYU stuff. She put ‘comforter’ and put a picture of Austin laying on my chest sleeping. It was just soooo cool. I’ll scan some of it and put it up.
Basically, Kim does everything she can to make me happy and I love her to death for it.

Life is good.