I knew I had covid within an hour of the symptoms coming on.  

No idea where I got it.

But the immediate fever and chills were obvious.

I don’t get sick very often.  
I haven’t had a fever in years.
I live a pretty healthy life.

So of course I expected the fever to go away on day 2 when it broke in the middle of the night.

What I didn’t expect was for that to repeat itself 11 times.

It just kept breaking and returning.

12 days of terrible. 

I sweat through my clothes every night and lay on the couch all day every day.
Weird smells.

The worst part?

No, it’s not that I couldn’t work. I didn’t mind that.  My OFS team is so reliable I knew things were still getting taken care of.  I didn’t check my email for 9 days.

The worst part was not being able to go outside.

My body craves snow. It fills my soul.

So when it snowed and I’m laying on the couch it was so painful. 
Painful enough that I endured the chills and went out with a big puffy on and stood looking up letting the snow hit my face.

Oh, I paid for it…but snow!

Today I’m feeling better. 
Still super tired…but sitting in front of the computer doesn’t take much. 

Fortunately Julia sent me this today:
When John announced that he had Covid, we (his Filipino team) were concerned. We know how scary Covid could be. And here in the Philippines, the number of Covid cases are still rising. We have the vaccine but it’s limited to our frontliners. And we were worried for John’s family because we know he still has little kids. It’s hard to be a parent when you’re really sick.

So, what do we do to make things easier for John? We just keep working. Which isn’t really different from what we’re already doing. We don’t need John’s input for most of our tasks. The only difference is that we limit the number of emails we send so John won’t be overwhelmed when he opens his inbox.

I’m not just saying this to flex on how awesome we are. I have friends who are also Filipino VAs who encountered the same thing. Their boss told them they got Covid. Asked for help because they needed to focus on recovery. The virtual assistants just kept on working. The boss didn’t have to worry about a thing. 

I hope John and his entire family gets well soon. And I hope we all get vaccinated soon so we don’t have to worry about this pandemic anymore.

My wife had it with me.  Hers only lasted 9 days.

Stay safe.


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