As I did yoga this morning I was concentrating on my breathing. 


Downward Dog


I needed the breathing to get the “fake vacations” out of my head.

Fake vacations?

Yesterday someone replied to my newsletter and said 
“You send too many fake emails with fake vacation photos. I am unsubscribing..”

Fake emails?
Fake vacation photos?

I mean, I can see how one might think this is fake. 
I don’t live a “normal” life.
I don’t work 9-5 (or….8-6 is more like it).
I don’t constantly find something else to work on.
I do have a happy marriage.
I do have 5 kids.
I do have 7,000+ employers currently subscribed to
I do go to church each week (well…except with Covid).
I do 10-20 minutes of yoga 3-4 times/week.
I do ride my bike or ski or run 5-6 times/week.

It’s not “normal”.
It’s not fake.
Does it seem fake to you?  If so, please reply and let me know.

It’s my dream life.
If it doesn’t seem fake to you, I want to help you live your dream life…whatever it is.

From what I’ve seen, the dream life is having
– financial independence
– time independence
– healthy body
– healthy mind
– healthy relationships

I can’t really help you with the last 3, but the first 2 I can.

Reply and let me know what questions I can answer.

Now…I’m going skiing. 

(my, my wife, our neighbors who got us into riding bikes)


PS.  If you reply I’ll
1. for sure reply to you
2. likely write an email answering your questions