I know my wife would like me to post more about my family life here. The problem is that not that much changes so I don’t have much to write about. Kim for example, is still pregnant. She hasn’t had the baby yet, but she’s in the third trimester of pregnancy. She’s starting to get uncomfortable because of the baby. She also pees about 20 times a day (although I’m not sure she’ll be thrilled I’m writing about that).

Austin is super good. He’s talking. Last night he had a bad dream and woke up screaming. Apparently he had a dream about a red bug on his bed and on his blankets. He was scared (so he says). I didn’t know anything about it until I realized he was in our bed at 5:00am and I took him back to his bed. When I got back to bed Kim was awake and told me about it. For some strange reason I didn’t wake up when he was screaming…imagine that.

Austin loves basketball. No, really…that’s all he ever wants to do. He has a one track mind. When we talk about going to church, he talks about the high basket at church. When we talk about going to the Claybaugh’s house, he talks about the orange low basket they have there. When we’re at home (or anywhere for that matter), all he wants to do is play basketball. Sure, I can him to play other stuff like hockey, golf, or baseball…but it only lasts for 2-5 minutes. Then he wants to go back to basketball. It’s pretty funny.