I’ve had a few people recently ask my about my pda (sony ux50). They wanted to know what functionality it had, what it wouldn’t do, and what I recommend. I tell them I absolutely love my ux50, it’s a great machine (It’s almost a mini laptop…there is very little missing from it). However, there are some things it doesn’t have that I wish it had like a phone (it’s just a pda, not a cell phone), so I have to carry it around along with a phone.

It always seems like every gadget that gets made is missing something. If it’s a phone, it doesn’t have wifi built in. If it has a camera, it’s a crappy useless one. If it has everything else it’s not a phone. If it does email really well, you can’t easily browse the internet with it.

Because of these problems and because people ask me for recommendations, I’ve put together a list of features my next pda will have:

  • built in keyboard – entering data is amazingly faster with a keyboard than a stylus
  • wifi – built in wireless card for fast internet access. When you’re connected to a wireless network with one of these it’s almost like browsing on a laptop.
  • bluetooth – You’ve gotta be able to get a wireless bluetooth headset
  • 1megapixel camera – AT LEAST a 1MP camera. I use my camera all the time and I’m sick of taking crappy pictures of my kids becuase this thing has a mediocre camera on it. The camera is so useful because kids don’t do cute things when you’re prepared with a normal camera. They only do them when they can surprise you.
  • Flash for the camera – I WANT GOOD PICTURES DANG IT!!!
  • Cell phone – It’s not that I think carrying around a pda and a cell phone is horrible, it’s just that I’d like to only carry around one of them.
  • Good email features (like check my email every so often like the blackberry). Of course, I’m sure this could be done with any palm with internet access if you had a good internet plan with your provider.

Now, this list goes without saying that it will have ir, buttons, good screen, lots of memory, fast processor, multi-media capabilities, blah, blah, blah. Everything has these things now.

I just want ALL of those features put into one device. That’s not too much to ask is it?

If I could get one I’d buy it now.