Julia, my OFCS (Online Filipina Content Specialist) wrote this today:
I’m proud that we have a culture here at Onlinejobs.ph where we find ways to help people.

We help Filipinos find work.
We help employers find team members.

But some of us go beyond.

We have co-workers who do charity work and volunteer regularly. John even gets involved sometimes and sends us money to help out the causes that matter to us. Like last year when he helped us give groceries to families who struggled in the early days of the pandemic.

One of our social media team, Ben, is a volunteer firefighter. For the past few days, he’s been helping evacuate people affected by the Davao River’s flooding. He even got featured on the local news.

(He’s the one holding the baby)

I wouldn’t have known he was doing this if someone hadn’t pointed it out to me on Facebook. He was still working while helping out in the rescue operations. He’d be evacuating people during the day and get his work done at night.

What do your OFS do to volunteer? What do they do outside work?
Have you asked?