“Sir, I’m coming to Utah in 2 weeks.”

And then…he actually came!

Kiel had worked for me for 9 years when this happened.  

He and his family came to the US to tour (he comes from a family of doctors). 

They drove from Vegas to Salt Lake in the afternoon, stayed the night at my house, spent the day with me, then drove down to the Grand Canyon in the evening.  Lots of driving.

But it was important for him to come see me.

And it was awesome for me to see him.

I learned a bunch of things:

1. How to pronounce his name.  I had said it wrong for 9 years.

2. He wasn’t comfortable having his boss drive him around. The Philippines is very high on the Power Distance Index.

3. I learned that they don’t always understand my Snagit videos…or…actually…it’s my business partner Dan they don’t understand because he speaks really fast.
But the videos are good because they can watch them multiple times to make sure they understand.

4. Working online 9 years ago was super uncommon in the Philippines.
Today it’s rather common.
(OnlineJobs.ph has been a big part of this change)

I pulled out my phone to record video a number of times while with him.

If you get a chance to meet your OFS, take it. It’s an amazing experience.


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