We’re about to release a new product:

Fundamental Training for Virtual Assistants

It’s a training that you hand off to your VA (probably not to a specialist) to get them up to speed with VA tasks and get them started.

It helps you not have to teach them every single little thing.

Here’s my process for building out the website:

1. Copywriter OFS writes the sales copy
I have to be involved here.  Direction, market, angle…

2. Editor OFS (another writer) edits the sales copy

3. I proof read and make suggestions

4. UI Designer OFS lays out a design for the page based on the copy.

5. Graphic designer OFS creates graphics for the page

6. Front-end developer OFS takes the design and creates a page from it

7. I read it.  There are things I don’t like.  I ask for changes.

I really wish all of this was one person. 
I want a 

Copywriter-Designer-Developer OFS

But I don’t think that person exists.  

Or, if they do they’re really difficult to find.

The point is people want “someone to build my website” but there is so much that goes in to building something functional (at least…into something that converts prospects into buyers).

These are separate roles.  

No, you don’t have to have all of them.  I started with a front-end developer and hired a designer on a contract basis.  I hire a copywriter on a per-project basis. 
It’s just easier when people work for you rather than having to go out and find them every time you need something.


PS. If you’re looking to fill one of these roles, my http://www.OneVAAway.com challenge will make it easy to find the right person.