I have mentioned before that my son is on a mission in the Philippines with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He’s on an island called Marinduque. He’s been sending me videos and pictures of what they’re doing there. As you can see, the island is really beautiful.

He’s just a few steps away from the beach. The place is so green. They have fresh air, amazing seafood, and the people are really nice. On the surface, the place looks like paradise. But in reality, the place is really, really poor.

How poor? They’re so poor that part of my son’s mission is going door to door, giving people food and other necessities because most of the people living there either don’t have a job or aren’t making enough to support themselves.

But you’re wondering how this is possible? I’ll let Austin explain it to you.


Austin can tell us all this because Marinduque has an internet connection. Not just an internet connection, a fast internet connection (we do FaceTime calls with him every week and usually have perfect quality!)

So, imagine instead of leaving Marinduque to find jobs, some of them use that internet connection to find jobs.

They’d make enough money so that they don’t need to leave their beautiful island.

Marcjem (in the video) was 1 week away from leaving the island to find work in Manila. We helped him find a job.  Now he’s staying home with his 2 little kids instead of not seeing them for 6-9 months. He’s bringing money into the island.

They can spend that money on local businesses, allowing these businesses to survive.

That’s just the big, long-term effects. Just as heartwarming are the personal stories we get from Filipinos whose lives were better because they work from home.

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