There’s all kinds of discussion among the coaches of my kids mountain bike team about whether or not to cancel practice because of poor air quality.

When California (or Oregon) has fires it always seem to attract the right weather pattern to blow the smoke directly over us.

(smoke in Salt Lake City blown in from California)

There are 200+ kids on the mountain bike team, so the decision is not taken lightly, especially since it concerns the kids health.

“I think we should do the responsible thing and cancel”

“I think we should hold practice and let parents and kids decide if they want to come”

“I don’t think we’ll have enough adult ride leaders”

It’s a good discussion with good intelligent people.

We have a similar discussion going right now about how we handle Facebook logins for ID Proof on

Years ago we started requiring new workers to authenticate their Facebook account so we could use the FB API to verify them on social media.  We used this to add to their ID Proof score.  It worked really really well.  

But recently FB changed their policies and we can’t do it how we used to so we have to change.

There’s a lively discussion going on among 4 of my OFS about how we should handle the situation. Different OFS think different things.  They’re vocal about it. 

“We can’t automate checking accounts anymore, it just won’t work”

“We should do it manually”

“Manually?  With 1000+ new accounts created every day?!”

Here’s how I handle this.

I read the discussion.
I input my questions or opinions.
I let them talk through it.
I think through the solutions they’re coming up with.
I try to provide extra info they may not have because they don’t always understand they whole picture (I’m the business owner, they’re not. I have 15 years experience with this, they don’t.)

I try to let them make a decision.  
If I see the decision has problems or isn’t going to work like they think, I’ll step in. 
Otherwise I leave them alone.

How could you let your OFS be more involved in growing your business?