My kids had a bike race last week.

We have to travel to almost all bike races, so messing up is a big deal. 

We made 4 mistakes:
1. I forgot my race day bag.  Duh!
2. We didn’t bring any race day nutrition. 
3. We forgot chamois cream. It lubricates between your bike seat and your bum. Ouch.
4. We didn’t bring the bike stand.  Fortunately we didn’t have any bike issues so we didn’t need it.

In the end, it all turned out great.

– Addie won the Varsity Girls race.
– Bailey took 2nd in the JV Girls race.
– Austin was 15th in the Elite Men (Pro) race.

Nate has made 5 big mistakes when hiring online Filipino specialists (he’s been doing it since 

1. He hired a freelancer (like Upwork or Fiverr).
A much better way is to create systems and hire a long-term person.

2. Paying up front.  
Don’t do it.  If they’ve worked for you for more than 6 months and you trust them, this can change.

3. Not doing quality control. 
His online Filipino specialist (OFS) got lazy (or bored) and started copy/pasting parts of other articles as she wrote his articles. Because she had been doing well Nate also got lazy and he stopped reading any of her articles. 
Trust but verify.

4. Hiring Dain.
If you’re going to hire someone your OFS recommends, you should still interview them. Dain made up a brother and Nate hired him. Dan was double dipping. This wouldn’t have happened if Nate had interviewed Dains brother.

5. Waiting 10 years to visit his people. 
The team building you’ll do will be so fun!

Nate has been a customer of mine since 2008.  I’ve watched him grow different businesses from being very small, to doing mid 7 figures/year.  I’ve watched him grow his team in the Philippines from 1 VA to 15 OFS.

If you’ve been putting it off, nows the time.  

Hire your first OFS today. 

Start here.