I got an email the other day from an expat in the Philippines who had a conversation on a forum about personal trainers.

Someone is asking about how to find a personal trainer but she’s moving. And someone else suggests that she find a virtual personal trainer at Onlinejobs.ph. And he seconds, “Find them at Onlinejobs.ph”. 

He sends it to me and I didn’t know what kind of trainer they were talking about. 

“Is it a language trainer? A marketing trainer or what? “

“No. Like a personal fitness trainer.”

So people are hiring on Onlinejobs.ph a personal fitness coach in the Philippines. 

It’s amazing the variety of talent you can find, especially in this new, virtual, quarantine, socially distanced world.

Is there something you need help with in your business but thought you couldn’t find that before?

Or, something in your personal life that you need help with?

Just look at OnlineJobs.ph and see if you can find someone who can help.