This last week was a big week for us and this next week is going to be a big week also.
Austin learned how to stand up and how to sit up this week. Well, kind-of. He learned how to sit himself up from laying down, which has taken him a while to figure out. He’s been sitting up for about a month now, you just had to sit him up and he would stay sitting.
He will now stand up if you put him standing up where he can hold onto something or balance on something. He has pulled himself up a few times but hasn’t quite got that figured out.

We also got a new car this week. New as in, not our old one. It’s a 97 subaru legacy and we love it. Kim’s qualifications for the new car that we got were that it had to have air conditioning (because half nut, our 92 toyota tercel, doesn’t) and it had to have 4 doors because it’s just too difficult to only have 2 doors with a baby. She also wanted to get the windows tinted in a new car we got so the sun wouldn’t shine on Austin so much. Well, we got it all with this new subaru. It has power everything, air, 4 doors, tinted windows, a sunroof/moon roof (I don’t know the difference, but I think it has both), cd, tape, leather, custom rims, and it’s fast. The seat even moves up and down for the short or tall driver. It’s awesome and we’re having so much fun with it. The engine is totally rebuilt I’m guessing because it had an accident.
We got it at an auction and paid $4600 for it after fees and taxes and it blue books at about $6800. Pretty good deal. Funny note: in the trunk where the spare tire is there was some water so I cleaned it up. While I was cleaning it there were a whole bunch of nails and push pins. Then I noticed it smelled kind-of funny and there were a bunch of what looked like slimy things. Then I figured out that those slimy things were the leftovers of some disected animal and the funny smell was formaldehide. The pins and nails must have been what was holding the animal open. It wasn’t a huge deal, just weird to find a disected animal in the wheel well of a new car that you just got!

This next week is going to be a big one too. Kim’s parents come home from their mission on wednesday. It’s been 3 years that they were gone in Costa Rica as Mission Presidents and it’l be good to have them back. I know that Kim and the rest of the family are really looking forward to them coming back. They’re moving here to orem for Jonn to be an institute teacher at UVSC so that should be fun for us to have them around.