Doesn’t it NOT make sense to you to put up a brand new website and get tons of links to it from all over the place right away. I mean, let’s think about this logically. Google knows what’s out there on the web. They know about every site that’s been linked to from anywhere. They may not have that site in their index…but they know about it. So, how can a website that Google doesn’t have in their index and isn’t sending traffic to get a bunch of inbound links to it?


Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not against a webmaster building link popularity to their site. I do it all the time and it’s totally necessary. However, what doesn’t make sense is to get a whole bunch of links that Google KNOWS are not natural links.

The whole reason Google implemented the pagerank algorithm based on linking is because links are what makes the web work. They make the web useful to users….when the links are naturally occuring on a site. By natural I mean webmaster A visits site B and thinks it’s a good site so webmaster A puts a link on his site to site B. Natural isn’t webmaster A visits site B and want’s to trade links with it so webmaster A emails webmaster of site B and says: “hey, if you’ll put a link on your site to mine, I’ll put a link on my site to yours!” THIS ISN’T NATURAL.

Google is concerned with helping people find sites that people naturally link to because those are good sites.

I was pointed to an article yesterday about the “Google Sandbox.” I can’t remember the link to the article so just go find any one of the many written about it and read it. It confirmed my idea that it’s not great to initially put up tons of links to a site.

Basically, the sandbox is a waiting place for new sites for google to make sure they’re real sites and to make sure they’re going to continue growing over time.

What seems most natural to me, and what seems to me will work, is to slowly build up a sites pr over time. Get a few new links per month to a site. Doesn’t it make sense that if a site changes a whole lot in the beginning, and gets a whole bunch of new IBL’s in the beginning, and then over time the site stops changing and the IBL’s stop coming, that the site is dead? If I were Google, and I determined that a site was dead, I’d for sure lower their ranking.