I saw the video of the massacre of Nick Berg today. DO NOT WATCH IT!!! I regret so much that I watched it. Afterwards I could just feel evil in my house because that video was played. It is the sickest thing I’ve ever seen/hope to ever see. I shouldn’t have watched it and can’t say enough about how strongly I admonish against it. I can’t get it out of my head and it’s making me sick.

What’s really amazing about it is that the men who beheaded him felt totally at ease with it. They’re totally and completely desensitized to stuff like that. I can’t even imagine myself, or anyone I know for that matter, killing someone like that. Sure, I can see someone killing someone else…but not like that. I can only imagine what those men have been through and what they have been doing their whole lives. Al Queda is pure evil. A while ago I was thinking about the descriptions in the Book of Mormon about the wars and rumors of wars in the last days. You know, the United States are the ones who are being the aggressors in this one. Sort of like fighting against Zion (not that I believe for one second that Iraq or Al Queda is Zion). But, those people really believe that they’re right, that God is on their side in this, and that they will be rewarded for whatever they do that is for God. After seeing this today, I have no doubt about who those people are worshipping. God doesn’t inspire works like that. He doesn’t teach those kinds of things. But the devil does.

They fit all the descriptions from the Book of Mormon too. They do their works in darkness, they try to hide their faces from the lord (they wear masks), murder, abominations, …, …, …. It’s really, really, really terrible.

What makes it all worse is that it’s not going to end. It’s just going to get worse. It’s a sign of the second coming and I really think that things like this are going to start happening more often and in more places.

It makes me sick to even think about it.