The Philippines is interesting when looking at it from a western, outsider perspective.

They have a lot of asian culture which is different than a lot of western culture. 

BUT…they have so much western culture that they make amazing employees.

The combination of asian culture + western culture + unique Filipino culture makes them some of the best people in the world.

So much so that my 91 yr old grandma asked me the other day

“If I need in home help, can you help me find someone from the Philippines to come live with me?”

Their culture is warm, loving, caring.
They are a pleasing culture (they want to make you happy).
They’re non confrontational.
They’re gentile.
They’re intelligent.
They’re honest, loyal, and hard working.  
Once they trust you, they’re willing to speak up and tell you what they think and what you can do to improve.

When I stumbled into this in 2005 I was amazed at how much I liked working with them.

And the culture didn’t create a barrier for doing great work.

So when my VA wrote this about the Filipino Parol and some having Christmas trees, I wasn’t surprised.

The “Parol”

Not every Filipino household would have a Christmas tree for the holidays. But every house would probably have a “parol”.

A parol is an ornamental lantern, usually star-shaped, hung outside of homes. It can be made of paper and bamboo or seashells. The tradition started when the Philippines was colonized by the Spaniards. The name itself actually comes from the Spanish word, “farol” which means lantern.

Parol – Wikipedia <;

Hanging a lantern during Christmas isn’t unique to the Philippines but the design of the lantern is. It’s usually large, elaborate and very colorful. There are competitions all over the country on who can make the biggest, most creative, unusual, etc. There would be parades in every town to show off these creations. The practice is so ubiquitous and so well loved that Filipinos worldwide continue to practice it. 

Ask your Filipino worker what their Christmas traditions are. It will build their trust in you.