A lot of Filipino workers are great at customer service. But the problem with doing customer service at home is that you’ll always hear something noisy in the background.

I’m talking about the unholy trio of chickens, dogs, motorcycles.

These noises used to stop a lot of qualified OFS from going for customer service positions. 

But now that a lot of Filipinos are working from home, noise cancelling headphones and applications have become cheaper and more accessible. 

A good pair of noise cancelling headphones used to cost more than P3,000 (around $60) which is a lot for them. Now you can get a good one for half that price.

And now there’s also Krisp.ai, an active noise cancelling app that works with most online meeting and VOIP software.

So if you’re looking for someone to do customer service, you now have more options for clear audio in the Philippines!