It probably sounds like a broken record but life is good. Kim is soooo good, Austin is soooo good, just life in general is good.

The last few weeks have been so much fun for me because I’m home all the time. I get to spend so much time with Kim and Austin. We go on walks, we go to seven peaks, we play, … It’s just been so much fun and I’m enjoying life so much right now. I’m so thankful for Kim and how she takes care of me and Austin. She does such a good job. And Austin brings so much love into our house its awesome.

I just wanted to be able to remember how wonderful life can be when we fall on harder times. I really attribute our good life to the lord. Following the commandments, reading the scriptures, praying lots of times each day, going to church, trying to help other people. I really believe (ok, so I know) that this is the only way to have true happiness in this life. It’s so amazing.