Covid is super polarizing…I get it.

Volunteering and helping is not.

Here’s what Julia says:
The good thing about working at home, unlike other workers, we’ve been able to minimize our exposure to the virus. We still have to go out from time to time for our necessities. But compared to most, we’ve been lucky that we can forgo going out as much as we could.

Despite that, we still know that there’s a risk. Which is why my husband and I volunteered to be part of our city government’s vaccination drive. 

We could have opted not to volunteer and continued our hermit lifestyle. But recognizing our privilege, we know volunteering was the least we could do. It’s one more thing we could do to end the pandemic.

Because we volunteered, we also got vaccinated earlier than most people working from home.

What most people don’t know is you don’t need to be in the medical field to help with the vaccination drive. We were able to use the skills we have as virtual assistants in the admin, logistics and organizational tasks needed to undertake a huge project like this. We were able to vaccinate around 1,500 people in 3 days. And if everything goes well, if the vaccine supplies keep coming in, we expect to vaccinate more people.


Where I live (in Utah), it feels like life is back to normal.
I was in Colorado this weekend and it felt like life was pretty normal too.

But the Philippines isn’t there yet. 
Ask your OFS what restrictions they still have.


PS. This is my daughter after crashing hard in her national championship race last week in Colorado. Still has a smile.