The reason we bought our current house was because it fit in Provo’s 80/20 plan and because it had a basement we could finish. We had hoped to rent out the basement when we were done, and still do. The problem is that we had planned on finishing the basement a few months after we moved in, and it’s now been 20 months and it’s still not done. We’re getting close however.

The last few weeks I’ve spent a lot of time working down there and it’s really progressing. I’m putting together kitchen cabinets, putting the sink on the bathroom vanity, and finishing the shower today. It’s been a real experience.
I think it’s possibly the dirtiest place on earth…but hopefully that will change when we stop doing work down there.

Standing in the livingroom looking into the kitchen(left) and bedroom(right)

Standing outside the apartment (by the washer and dryer) looking into the kitchen and bathroom.