As we sat at lunch the other day I was getting wet. It was weird.

After the driest winter/spring/summer in a long time in the western US, Utah is finally getting rain.  

And by rain, I mean 2 days of non-stop rain…which is super weird.

As we sat eating the skies opened and the whole restaurant turned their heads towards the windows. Pouring rain.  Inside, where it was previously dry (after 1.5 days of rain), now water was streaming down. I was getting wet!

No matter…the conversation was good.

My companion and I have had similar health problems.  We talked about it.

I’ve worked through my early onset dementia and am doing really well. 
He’s still working through it.

But the real reason we went to lunch was because of his Filipino workers.

“They’re amazing!” He said.

But he’s still struggling to get things done that he doesn’t know how to do.

Or so he thought.

In the end, as we talked through it, it appears his struggle was actually due to not managing the process.  He’s so overworked (even with his team in the Philippines) that he’s not managing certain people/processes…at all.  

If you’re looking to hire someone to do something you don’t know how to do, consider a couple things:

  1. It’s definitely doable.  I’ve done it. Lots of others have done it.
  2. Generally, more experienced people are more expensive.
  3. If you don’t manage the process, you’re unlikely to see results.
  4. Managing the process for something you don’t know how to do takes either:
       A. Accepting any outcome
       B. A lot of time
       C. Bringing in outsiders to help

There are a couple exceptions to this.

  • design – you don’t have to know how to design to recognize good/bad design
  • sales copy – you can hire someone to write sales copy. Pretty straight forward
  • I’m sure there are more…

If you have other advice for getting things done which you have no idea about, I’d love to hear them!


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