This is such a frustrating subject for me because they JUST DON’T EXIST!!!

My ux50 came with NetFront 3.0 which has been great most of the time. However, tonight I wanted to figure out a good way to read rss feeds on my palm. I came across which is awesome. They aggregate all your feeds for you and turn them into html so you can read them using your web browser. It’s a super good service and lots of people are using it. They’ll even tell you what feeds other people subscribe to who are subscribed to the feed you are currently subscribing to.

My dilema came when I tried to access I connected to my wireless home network with my palm and fired up NetFront. I typed in and promptly got an “Invalid Network Settings” error. Now, I know this error sounds like it’s a problem with my connection or with my wireless network, but it’s not. I’ve gotten this error before when trying to browse other random web pages. This time, just like before, the error was just for that site. If I remembered other sites I’ve had the problem with I’d go back and see if it’s just a timing issue (which I don’t think it is). I believe it’s just a problem with the browser not handling some problem gracefully or something like that. In stead of handling the problem, it just crashes.

I didn’t really care that much that it did this because I figured I could just install another browser that would handle the page and I could still use the newsmob site to read my rss feeds.

In comes the problem. THERE ARE NO OTHER PALM BROWSERS. At least…none that I can use, or find. I searched for about 2 hours trying to find a browser that I could either buy or download for free. I found one browser that quite a few sites said were good. The problem was that they were last updated in 2001!!!

Palmone makes a browser but they say it’s only compatible with palm devices. They specifically don’t list any other device other than palm manufactured devices.

Then there’s NetFront 3.1 and 3.2. Seems great, right. Ohhhh, but those are only compatible with either Pocket PC or with cell phones.


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