I know, I know…
You want to hire someone and pay them hourly. 

It’s just so much simpler that way.  

Paying hourly is low commitment.
Paying hourly is an easy out for you.
Paying hourly means if they’re not working, you’re not paying for it.

But paying hourly kinda says that you’re not that interested in growing your business.

Paying a salary is the opposite. 

It’s a commitment to yourself that you will work ON your business.
It’s a commitment to yourself that you will grow your business.
It’s a commitment to the person you hire.

Tamara R. recently got more than just help, because she made the commitment:

“I just hired and am working with two Philippa moms. They both have two kids under age 5. (Found them on your site.)

I’m really excited about this aspect of employing them. I never had biological children, although I wanted to. 

It made me really happy when one of my workers said she might have gaps in her time screen – which I explained to her I won’t use – because she’s breast feeding her 8 month old!

I thanked her for being a good mom and told her that I value what she’s doing for her children.

That they are both moms supporting their children from home motivates me to make sure I have enough for them to do. It also motivates me to grow my business so I can change the one who is starting part-time to full time.

Thank you for what you do, John!

So happy to be supporting my families overseas!!!”

You’re making a difference in other people’s lives.
It’s a big deal.