Read this story about the $100 laptop from some guys at MIT

It’s really an amazing thing that people care enough to do something like this. I mean, this is a huge project that doesn’t really promise HUGE returns. Sure, there will be returns when you’re distributing something to every child in the world, but for the work involved the returns aren’t huge.

I was put in contact a few weeks ago with a guy in New Zealand who has played a large part in the economic/social development of the people in his town? area? of New Zealand. He sent me some amazing material on how they had planned to raise technology awareness and to use the technology to help the local business grow to help the normal people grow out of just being farm hands for the very few wealthy people there. He said they had had and continue to have some very good success.

It’s amazing how right now we can see in the world such a stark contrast between the evil and the good that exists. The evil is getting progressively so much more evil and the good is the same thing. I fully believe that at some point people won’t be able to sit on the fence anymore, they’ll have to join one side of the other. Evil won’t tolerate the good that’s going on in the world and will force it upon each one of us.

I think it’s sooner than most believe.