If you’re in the US, Daylight Saving time started a few weeks ago (unless you live in Hawaii or Arizona).

Never really been a fan myself.  In the summer months it doesn’t get dark until 9:45pm at my house.  Try putting kids to bed when it’s light outside.  It’s almost a revolt every night.

DST also bugs me because time zones are something some OFS have problems with.

They don’t do Daylight Saving time in the Philippines.
A lot of them don’t understand the concept.  Why would they? They’ve never done it and it’s really weird.

I know from our customer service that we’ve had complaints about missed interviews or meetings. Then it turns out the OFS didn’t understand the time zone difference, especially once DST kicks in or when it goes back to Standard Time.

If your business is affected by DST, make sure your OFS understands this. If part of their job is setting up appointments, then this is something that they NEED to know.

One easy solution is to have your OFS install a world clock on their phones or computers, so they know what the time is on your side of the world. This will help them get used to your schedule.

This isn’t the only thing about Filipino culture that you need to know. I talk about meetings, interviews, having your OFS work in your timezone, and so much more in my book, The Outsourcing Lever.