I sat in and listened to Phil Windley speak on “Blogs, Wikis, and RSS” tonight at Paul Allens internet marketing class.

It was wonderful. Probably one of the best guest speakers I’ve ever heard. He was well prepared, knew what he was talking about, practiced, had a great PowerPoint presentation and used it very well. In fact, I think it was the best use of a PowerPoint presentation I’ve ever seen. He didn’t put up a laundry list regurgitating what he just said. It wasn’t a continuous outline of what he was spewing. His PowerPoint presentation was used to highlight and bring interest and keep the audiences attention on what he was currently talking about.

Beyond that, his talk was just insightful. He taught about blogs, why they’re important, what they’re changing on the internet, how to read them (feedreaders), and how you can benefit from them.

I love hearing people speak who know what they’re talking about. People who have already done it.

If you have the chance to hear Phil speak take advantage of it.