When we arrived at the Paris airport I really thought we were making a scene. 7 people, 5 bike bags, an obvious family all walking in a line together:

It was a mild scene compared to when we put our bike “kits” on (“Kit” is what we call a cycling uniform):

I didn’t realize the effect of 7 people all wearing these bright colors and riding in a line would have.  We’ve almost caused a couple accidents from people turning to look! We’ve had a lot of pictures taken of us. Weird!

I’m sure Marcos Jr has had a lot of pictures taken of him too.

Here’s an update on the results of the Philippine elections.

Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has been declared the presumptive president but it’s not going to be official until he’s inaugurated on June 30.

Outgoing president Duterte sent out a press release to reassure people that government services will continue during the transition. So that’s a good thing. https://www.pna.gov.ph/articles/1174270

Will the Marcos administration have an impact on the way we outsource? Is it going to have an impact on our OFS?

At this point in time, it seems like business as usual. There are a lot of emotions and opinions. Some people are anxious and some are excited. It’s hard to predict anything at this point.  They’re still in the transition process and the whole world has its eyes on what Bongbong is going to do.

There are concerns that he’s going to do the same things his father did.

But there are also those who are excited by his campaign promises and are looking forward to seeing them fulfilled.

This election has been interesting because I have OFS who voted for Marcos and OFS who went with Robredo, so I can see both sides of this situation. What’s happening in the Philippines is a lot like what’s happening in our US politics right now. It’s messy.

Talk to your OFS.  See how they feel about the results.