November 30 is supposed to be Bonifacio Day, a regular holiday in the Philippines. For 2023, it falls on a Thursday.

But a few days ago, the Philippine Government moved that holiday to November 27, which falls on a Monday.

This makes November 25 to 27 a long weekend.

If you offer Philippine holidays off, expect your OFS to be off on Monday next week.

If you don’t offer Philippine holidays off, your OFS might ask for that Monday off to take advantage of the long weekend.

We edited our holiday calendar to reflect those changes.

A word about holidays in the Philippines.
In the US it seems weird that the government might change the date of a holiday. I don’t remember it ever happening.  But in the Philippines, it happens regularly. They might change it at the last minute to give an extra long weekend, or they might change it from a Friday to a Saturday because there have been so many holidays that year. Or, some holidays they don’t decide on until like two weeks before!
Different cultures, different practices.