This was such a fun case study.
The last picture is of Marvin and his team wearing sunglasses because, as they said:

The future is so bright we have to wear shades

This is a screen capture of what Marvin Skyped me.

My main goal in the interview was to just tell listeners to do what you say and just do it.  We stumbled around for six months looking for a plan, but you cant learn it any other way. You tell them everything they need to do.  All they have to do it follow thru.I hope that is the message I got across.  If two 60 year old retirees can use to start a business in the Philippines antone can.

Listen to this interview I did with Marvin

  • 1:35 – take action and hire someone in 2 days!
  • 2:30 – start by hiring 1 person. Don’t hire 6 at once!
  • 4:27 – establish relationships with people
  • 5:07 – their first fear is if they’re going to get paid
  • 6:37 – taking your internet marketing education and adapting it to a different business
  • 8:37 – wrote down every single detail of a plan for building his sites
  • 9:42 – his profit sharing program
  • 9:52 – how much he’s paying people
  • 10:32 – how and why he did time trials for tasks
  • 12:37 – more explation of his profit sharing system
  • 15:27 – some of the things he does to get 200 visitors/day
  • 16:02 – 3 strike rule
  • 17:07 – sensitivity, loyalty, productivity of Filipino employees
  • 17:42 – No Philippines taxes, 100% US tax deductible
  • 18:37 – explanation of his business model
  • 21:24 – Filipinos are excellent at doing repetitive tasks
  • 21:52 – they appreciate their jobs
  • 24:22 – tips for hiring Filipino workers
Marvin, his Wife, his business partner, and their Filipino team!
The future is so bright that we have to wear shades.

His company is Black Tiger Imports

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