This last tip was supposed to be a video just like the rest of them.
2 nights ago someone came into our apartment while we were sleeping and stole everything:

  • 3 laptops
  • 2 cameras
  • my Kindle
  • ipod Touch
  • 750 GB hard drive (which had all our pictures on it from this trip)
  • cell phone
  • cash
  • wireless router
  • 4 SD cards
  • wireless recording equipment
  • my backpack (lots of personal stuff)

They also stole my passport…but were nice enough to dump it in a plant right outside our apartment to give it back to me.

We’re ok. It was all just stuff.

Maybe the guys who stole the stuff will find and get a job so they can stop stealing stuff.

So, since I don’t have a camera to record this tip, it’s just text…not as fun.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Filipino VA

The reason I started was to make outsourcing to the Philippines easier for people who are just getting started.
Not only do I teach everything I know about it inside, but it’s also designed to take away the initial time investment curve most people will have when starting hiring.
How? is designed to train your Filipino staff for you. As a member you’ll get access to all my training that I’ve given to my GUYS on how to do the tasks they do to run my businesses.
You’ll get training that will allow you to hire someone, and make them productive for you from day 1. is not another “training”/”technique”/”coaching” program. It’s not really even for YOU. It’s really designed to make your life easier by training the GUYS you hire so that you don’t have to spend the time creating that training.

As a member of you’ll also get FREE access to (which costs $50/month to join).

My suggestions for getting started

  1. hire 1 person
  2. give them 1 specific task to do which will help your business (either give them article marketing, video marketing, building a mini-net, directory submissions, social bookmarking, or something else you know of which will help your business grow. All these trainings are available for you inside
  3. help them accomplish that 1 task
  4. add another task (give them training) and have them split time between the 2 tasks
  5. grow from here

I’ve had fun doing these tips. I hope you’ve had fun watching them!

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