Recently on talk radio the only topic that’s covered is politics. It’s understandable, it’s an important issue. Here in Utah, we only get conservative people like Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and some other lunatics. I wish we could get some liberal talk radio, so that sometimes I could hear both sides of the issues.

Now, with that said, I’M SO SICK OF IT ALL. The Democratic party makes me want to puke. It’s just lie after lie after lie. Right now they will say anything if it’s what they think people want to hear. It’s soooo assenine right now.

Yesterday there was an article about how 9 out of 10 government officials at the DNC said they are against the war in iraq and that had they known then what they know now, they would have voted against going to war. OH MY GOSH!!! are you kidding me. Hindsight is 20/20 you freaking idiots. Lies, Lies, Lies.

Right now on democrats dot org there is a top 10 Bush Lies list. It has stuff like….I can’t even describe the stuff that’s there because it’s so assenine. They have a list of Bush quotes and then some stupid “facts” that they use to refute them. What it comes down to is that the refutations are lies. Period.

Everything the democratic party is doing right now is just playing to the ignorant, stupid population. It’s so amazing. They’re trying to trick 51% of the population into voting for them by putting forth lies that ignorant people may believe. Basically, the whole democratic party is insulting the intelligence of america. They believe that 51% of people are just plain stupid and so they continue to put forth these arguments that any person with half a brain would just laugh at.

On the top 10 list, they put up these claims and then numerous times quote the Washington Post to refute it. The Washington Post is known to be one of the most liberal papers in america!!! Of course you can find something to refute a president Bush statement in that stupid paper.

Anyway, the whole situation sickens me. I sure hope that 51% of the american people aren’t as stupid and ignorant as the democrats say. If they are, then the other 49% are sure being insulted.