In an industry that already struggles in the US, I’m really surprised at how the MLS soccer team treats their fans.

Right now I’m sitting in a real salt lake game as they play FC Dallas. The stadium isn’t full, buy there are plenty of empty seats in this place, with most of the empty seats in the middle of the field, where the best seats are.

When we got here we saw all the empty seats in the middle of the stadium so we moved from the corner.

Apparently we got lucky.

I’m watching tons of people try to move over from where we were sitting to where we are sitting now. As they try, there are 2 stadium staff kicking people out, making them go back to the seats where their tickets are.

You’d think that in an industry that has to try to attract spectators they would try and help those spectators have the best experience possible. Instead, they’re enforcing an unnecessary rule and ticking off their fans.

On my way in I noticed a bunch of scalpers. I would consider coming back to a game and buying a ticket if I thought that I could enjoy the game without bring harassed. Apparently not, so I won’t.

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