I use a BlackBerry 7105t. I love it.

Recently it started getting scratches on the screen so I ordered a screen protector from www.theinvisibleshield.com.

When I got it I tried to install it (following their directions) and got really close to installing it correctly. When I looked at it there were a bunch of bumps under the protector right in the middle of the screen. No matter what I did I couldn’t get rid of them. I pulled the protector off and tried re-applying it but this time the bumps were worse.

Finally I emailed them with my problem asking if I could get a replacement.

Here’s where the cool part comes in.

They said yes, and they shipped me a replacement. This time, I successfully installed the protector and it looks great.

They also shipped me some of their Applesauce Polish, which is supposed to remove scratches from plastics (like pda screens, ipod screens, pda and ipod bodies, and even the metal back of the ipods).

This was totally unexpected. Talk about customer service!

It also totally worked.

My blackberry screen was starting to get quite a few scratches on it that were really bothering me. Now, they’re totally gone.

My ipod also had some major scratches on the screen that were really obnoxious. I’ve applied the polish 2 times now and the scratches are almost gone. I would guess that after 2 more applications the scratches will be completely gone.

I was totally amazed.

I’d guess that if the invisible shield had an affiliate program I’d make some money off this blog entry…but alas, they don’t.

But, I was so impressed with their customer service that I wrote this review for removing scratches from my blackberry 7105t and for theinvisibleshield anyway.

Now I need to go buy a screen protector for my ipod.

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