Earlier today I did a review of revenge of the mini-net, the ebook.

I didn’t actually review it, I summarized it and added a bunch of my own advice and experience into the summary.

Within minutes of sending it out I got this email back from someone whos email signature includes

SEO Specialist, [Company Name]

John, this is the best SEO information I have read all year!!!

This is also some of the best info you have ever given to me personally!

This is the reason I do the internet marketing reviews.

I like getting the feedback from people and I especially like helping people out.

If you’re involved in SEO or in running your own business IMO (in this case is not an HO because it’s my own writing), this is worth reading.

Whoever you were who sent me the email (you know who you are), You’re welcome.

Note: I don’t claim to be the best SEO around. I’m not. So all you SEO experts can now feel free to call me an idiot after reading what I said about creating mini-nets.

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