This is really cool.

I’ve tried to do this for years, but never successfully.

has done it.

The problem with most peoples data backup strategies are:

1. There isn’t a backup strategy
2. The backup strategy isn’t complete. Meaning, there are lots of ways in which the backup can completely fail.

Obviously number one is a bigger problem than is number two. It’s also a more common problem.

It’s also solveable.

So why are most other peoples backup strategies incomplete? Because they backup everything in the same place.

They backup their computer to CD’s, which sit in the same room as their computer. Or they use an external drive, or DVD’s, or a flash drive.

What would happen in the case of a flood? fire? theft? 3 year old?


Your data is gone.

Other people backup their stuff to remote servers (I fall into this category). Granted, this is better than the CD/DVD/external drive/whatever media category, but there’s still a problem with this one. And this problem is common across most backup strategies.


People backup their stuff like once a month, or once a year, or once a lifetime, or never.

In comes Mozy.

Mozy is software that sits on your desktop and does regular backups of the data on your computer to a remote server they manage.

I’m sure you can already see the possiblities.

I tried their beta, and it’s a tiny bit buggy, but that for sure will change.

You download their software onto your computer, select the files/folders/drives you want backed up, sign up for a free (yes, that’s right, I said FREE!) account with them, and let the software backup away. Their software will even find common files you probably want backed up and ask you about them. It’s really cool.

Restoring a backup is easy too. Just select a date your data was backed up on their website, download, unzip, and you’re done.

So why do I trust a third party with my data?

Because I don’t trust myself! Who else am I supposed to trust?

It’s their job to make sure their hardware doesn’t fail. And if it does, they had better have a backup (I mean, that’s what they do isn’t it?), which they do!

Privacy? blah blah blah. Doesn’t bother me. (plus, they allow you to encrypt everything)

If they had an affiliate program I think I’d sign up for it and make a killing talking about it. This is one of those problems that someone went and found a solution for and everyone who ever uses it is going to say “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Did I mention it’s free?