I just got another email from another “guru” defending adsense.

He said “I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors about adsense that have been going around.”

Of course, the guy sells a course about adsense.

Now, I’m not saying that Scott Boulch’s Life After Adsense or Click Flipping are the end all solution to this problem. They are just a different way of making money.

But, I am here to say that right now I’m making more than Joel Comm is off adsense and I’m saying that Adsense is dead!.

It’s dead if you’re just getting started building websites.
It’s dead if it’s your only business model.
It’s dead if you’re just now building spam sites.
It’s dead if you don’t have 10 months to wait to see results of your tests.

The money we’re making off adsense is from sites we built a long time ago (less than 2 1/2 years, but more than 6 months ago).

Adsense is dead if you’re just getting into internet marketing.

But that’s not what they’re telling you.

And, here’s another reason it’s not a good business model. Right now, it’s taking 6-10 months to get real results back after building adsense websites. In internet time, that’s just too long to wait for a test. It’s too long to wait to know if the stuff you’ve been doing for the past 8 months is going to work.

The search engines have gotten so strict and have implemented such harsh sandboxes that it’s literally taking 6-10 months before you start getting real traffic.

Go find something else to do.
Tell the “adsense gurus” to find another product to promote, or to produce some evidence that it’s working for normal everyday people. I don’t want evidence from someone with a website ranked in the top 50 online. I want evidence from someone who started 3 months ago.