As I lay here on the ground, completely exhausted from the workout I just did, I’m thinking about the SEO crisis we had yesterday.

I searched on DuckDuckGo to see how search results were looking only to find that wasn’t showing up.

That freaked me out so I went to Google. I haven’t used Google in years. DuckDuckGo is my search engine but I know most people still use Google so I need to check what the results are like on Google.

I went to Google and searched: hire Filipino VA. I found it the 10th spot but only as the URL:

No title. No description. There was nothing there. Yet still, is on the first page on Google.

So I sent an email to 3 of my guys in the Philippines and said, “Hey guys, what’s going on?”

Within the day they had figured out the problem, fixed webmaster tools. Google had completely un-indexed our site, I don’t know why. They have re-indexed the site within the day and was back on top of the search engines with the title, description, and everything back to normal.

I don’t know what happened to cause it. I don’t know what happened to fix it. But an SEO crisis was averted by having my specialists, guys who have been with me for 10,12, and 15 years, fix it instantly.

Loyalty in the Philippines is a big deal. These guys know our business.  They know what’s going on. Their job isn’t SEO, but they instantly knew what to do to fix it and they fixed it.

Hire good people.
Treat them well.
Make your life easier.