Since my kids are off school on Wednesdays because of Covid, we’ve decided that together we’re going to do big things on that day every week.

We’re calling it “Wild Wednesdays”.

I’ve been talking it up for weeks now building their expectations.

We’ll have a mountain we want to climb, or a really long bike ride, or a new route we want to try, or…we don’t know.  Something wild and crazy that we can do together.

Last week it was exploring up the White Pine drainage in Little Cottonwood Canyon. 3.5 miles up the drainage on skis.  Further than we had ever been.

We’ll see what today brings.

Speaking of expectations, when you hire a new VA it’s a really good idea to set some expectations up front.

Things like:

– daily reporting
– not disappearing
– that you’re there to help them
– that you’ll provide feedback and training
– work hours and schedule
– …

Here’s my process:

If you’ve skipped this step it’s hard to change past behavior. But now’s a good time.  Tell them “Hey, it’s a new year and I’d like to do something different this year…”