I spent this weekend with my brothers and their sons. 

One of my brothers has an 11yr old son who is notorious for doing funny stuff without meaning to.

My brother says “Things I never thought I’d have to say”

“Josh, why would you stick your head in the toilet!?!?”
“Josh, why would you touch your own poo!?!?”

He regularly calls my 18yr old son and says “Sup Bro?”
He disagrees with his dad and says to me “Parents! Am I right?”

Today I got a question about taxes with OFS.

“Death and Taxes. Am I right?”

Here’s the thing about taxes.

The OFS you hire is an independent contractor. Every country has their own laws about what an independent contractor is, and I’ve never seen anything that would put an OFS in any category except an independent contractor. 

And, since they’re not in your country you don’t have to give either government a notice of how much you paid them. 

Here’s our full treatment of taxes with online Filipino specialists.

Should your OFS pay taxes on their earnings?  Yes. 

I don’t know how you would make sure of it any more than you make sure an independent contractor in your country is paying taxes.  

But, you can send them our full tutorial on how OFS deal with taxes in the Philippines.