Recently there have been so many things happen in the world that look like signs of the second coming that I wanted to study it some more and see what I could find in the scriptures. I’m obviously a very religious guy.

I studied for a couple of weeks the scripture references in the back of the Book of Mormon’s index about whatever I could think of that would releate to the second coming. I wrote stuff down including references and my thoughts on their fullfillments. Now, I just finished putting them on a wiki page so I can add to it and others can contribute too.

Signs of the Second Coming

The page needs some help still. I don’t know that much about prophecies being fulfilled. Also, I don’t know that much about wiki, other than what I read on the page about editing it. If you do know about either one of these, feel free to edit the page (click the link at the bottom). When you do, let me know (john AT jonasfam DOT com).