Marcjem is one of the people my son, Austin, has been helping as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Marcjem is a college graduate and an experienced graphic designer. He’s also unemployed.


By all accounts, he shouldn’t be unemployed. He has a skill that’s highly in demand anywhere. He’s unemployed because he wants to stay in Marinduque with his wife and baby. But there are no jobs in Marinduque for skilled workers like him.

This is the norm in a lot of places in the Philippines. The parents find work elsewhere. They see their kids a few times a year if they’re lucky. If they work abroad, it might take years before they see each other again.

The irony here is he got an education and these valuable skills to make it easier for him to find a job. But there aren’t jobs. And, there isn’t much of a local economy where he lives.   So in order to provide for his family, he would have to go to Manila to find a job.

Manila is so far away, so he’ll only see his family a few times a year. He’ll miss his baby’s important milestones. He’ll miss his family and community. He’ll be miserable but endure that if it means a better life for his family.

Austin has seen this situation enough times to know that Marcjem doesn’t have to do this. They have good internet connection in Marinduque. Marcjem has a good computer at home. With his skills, he can work from home. All he needs to do is make an account.

If you watch the video, it’s understandable why he really wants to work from home. He has a beautiful family. He’s living on a beautiful island. He has a community that loves and supports him.

He’s not asking for much, just enough to live a good life.

That’s the kind of people you’ll find in the database. People who want to provide for their families. People who know how heartbreaking it can be to grow up away from their parents. So they’re doing everything possible to find work that brings them home.

When you hire someone:
– you change your business
– you change their life
– you change the way you’ll think about future business

Post a job today!


PS. this is one of my most favorite emails I’ve sent. My son sent me a few videos out of the blue. He’s seeing firsthand how good, talented, and honest the people are. He wants to help them. The video is really telling about the culture/economy/people.

PPS. Marcjem isn’t unemployed anymore.  I helped him get a job.  It changed his life. I’ll tell you more about it another time.