Social media is garbage…for most people, for most businesses!

Most of it can’t be outsourced…or can it???

Ok, so let me explain.

For a long time we’ve been hearing “You’ve gotta be on Myspace”, “You’ve got to be on Facebook”, “You’ve got to be on Twitter”, “You’ve got to get onto Digg”, …


People say “This is where all the people are!”.

I don’t care where all the people are! I care where all the buyers are!

In your business, you should too!
And the fact is, all the buyers are on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Ebay!
Even if they’re on twitter, when they’re looking to buy something, they’re on Google and Ebay! Period!

I use all the social media sites. Every one of them. But not for networking!

Michelle Macphearson just wrote an awesome free report called the Social Media Myth that talks about all this stuff.

In my opinion, this is the best thing that has ever been written for most small business owners when it comes to dealing with social media (it’s not super entertaining, but it certainly covers what you need to know).

In fact, she describes EXACTLY how I use all these sites. (SEO!)

For most people, it’s all just a huge waste of time (you’re off goofing around when you should be focusing on making sales, you justify using twitter because people said “it’s good for your business”), and you use it as a crutch/time waster to avoid make sales in your business).

Now, I’m not saying there’s not a place for twitter, facebook, myspace, [insert your favorite time waster here]. There is. But if you’re not using the right way for your business, you’re just wasting your time.

Here’s Michelle’s Social Media Myth report. Please read this before wasting your time trying to “get thousands of leads out of twitter!”.

I know…now let the flames begin telling me how wrong I am. But before you do, please tell me how much *MONEY* you’ve made from social media sites (I don’t want to hear about the job you got because of it, or how many lifelong friends you’ve made because of it, or how you have a great lead because of it, or about how many sales you’ll make in the future from all the wasted time now, I want to hear about $$$).

The other thing I love about what Michelle says is that it can easily, easily, easily be outsourced. Zero time spent by me!
Living the Four Hour Workweek!

Update: today I noticed this on the homepage of Omniture, the absolute best web analytics company:

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