Someone asked me today “how much time do you spend riding your bike each week…or, how much time in the sun?”

If I had to guess…I’d guess 8-10 hours/week.  
Last week it was more like 25 hours.

Between riding bikes, running, skiing, or maybe things that aren’t in the sun like yoga or lifting weights, I’d say 8-10 hours is correct.

And I love it.  

Being in the sun does something to you.

The vitamin D.
The wind.
The cold.
The heat.
The sweat.
The descent!
The climb…

Then there’s the beauty of it all.  

The beauty of the earth.  The variety. Nature.

I’ve never met someone who didn’t think they were better off because they spend a lot of time outside.

I’m thankful for the beauties of the earth…and for the time I have to enjoy them.  

Part of the reason I have the time is because I recruit VAs well.

TIP: Here’s what Dennis Yu does in his recruiting process:
“Here’s our super-effective process for how we quickly and accurately narrowed the list down to just 15 and then down to the final group?

In short, we put a ton of detail in our postings, including a codeword for them to use in the subject line of their initial response.
RABBIT is the one for our VA and SQUIRREL is for the designer.
We ask them to include a 1 minute video about themselves.

Gmail sorts by threads and by subject lines, so they automatically group responses. 50% get knocked out instantly [because they didn’t include the keyword], but sometimes I’ll make an exception.

Of the initial cut, we look to see if they have personalized their response. Another 50% of that gets knocked out.

Of the most promising remainder, we look at:
–Did they include a one minute video?
–How good is their English?
–How strong is their portfolio and profile?
–Do they have a cheerful, positive personality?

Then we provide one sentence of personalization, not just to show we care, but to ask them follow-up clarification questions. And then we paste in our next set of questions and give more content to consume and ask for another video to make.

Of the 5% that pass this filter (which is still 15 people out of 300), we are reasonably certain they would be great employees.”


PS. My recruiting process is described in detail at where I’ll give step by step instructions and walk you through a lot of what Dennis says. It will make finding a VA easy so you can get outside.