Stake conference 12-12-2004

A Legrand Richards: We dont see the end from the beginning sometimes. We
dont always know why things happen to us, God does.

Shannon Christensen from Standing for something: Stand up for things that
are good. Stand up against evil. Stand up and have some courage for what
is right.

Find all the christmas hymns.

Brother Fraser Bullock: Ask what did you give for christmas. Give service,
time, money.
Participate as a family in getting gifts for others for christmas.
Make every cheistmas about giving, not getting. Teach them from the
beginning that christmas is about giving.
The savior asks “do you love me”?
“Feed my sheep” (at christmas time especially).

We need to make the atonement personal in each of our lives to the point
that we dont want to do anything that would offend your friend Jesus
This is the greatest gift we can give our savior.

Temples aer the holoest places on this earth. The literal house of the lord
where he can come and visit. Only the home can compare with the temple in
sacredness. We need to concentrate now more than ever on fortifying our
homes. They need to be sacred. Prepare the entrance to your home like
capitan Moroni did to their cities. Put your strongest force in the
weakest place in your home.
How to fortify home?
1. Prayer
2. Scripture study
3. Limit the media from coming into the home.
4. Protect the computer from pornography.